QuickLearn Japanese Kana

The main menu is getting close to completion in terms of icons and basic functionality.

Placeholder chapters for practising all unlocked / random / worst chapters need to be added.

Loads of code cleanup and practical tweaks underway to be able to navigate between application views that have previously been tested mostly in isolation.

Side Project – Egg Tracker

An updated version of the application (1.3) has been released on Google Play.

The fix solves a potential crash bug when you go to add a new egg, then leave the application in the background for an extended period of time (resulting in the memory of Egg Tracker being cleared by Android).

The issue would only happen when adding a new egg, not when editing an existing one.

QuickLearn Japanese Kana

Implementation of a custom button collection / radio group button / tab button collection for the statistics view is underway.

Swiping to change stats type has been replaced by a new custom control.

Functionality in place, exact style not decided yet and tweened animations are missing.

QuickLearn Japanese Kana

As Egg Tracker for Pokemon GO has been released on Google Play, it’s back to work with QL Japanese.

The project has been upgraded to build in the latest version of Android Studio with only minor issues (a dex:ing problem caused by the SQLite imports) and the GUI is getting an overhaul.

Sadly, LibGDX is not really designed with running at native resolutions in mind, but rather has a set resolution base with device display scaling approach. This means the project is facing some issues with handling resources for different resolutions.

Side Project – Egg Tracker

The guys over at http://theartificial.nl have kindly added the entire collection of generation 3 Pokémon so the application has been updated with all the new images, in preparation for the gen 3 release!

Screenshots for the Google Play store page have been created and uploaded, so the release checklist is getting worked through step by step 🙂