QuickLearn Japanese Kana

A new version of QL Japanese Kana ( is now live on Google Play.

The update contains improvements to the support of different resolutions, especially (ultra) wide aspect ratio ones.

QuickLearn Japanese Kana

A new version ( of QL Japanese Kana has been released on Google Play. The update contains a small database reading fix, animations to multiple screens, and the addition of “alternative reading” to the study view (where applicable).

QuickLearn Japanese Kana


QL Japanese Kana has been released on Google Play.

The last months have been really intense and has seen major changes and improvements to the application overall. Fonts have been reviewed and replaced, main menu icons updated, loading screen added, more katakana examples included, in-app purchases implemented, tons of minor bug fixes, and so on, and so forth.

There are still lots of things to improve and new ideas to implement, but there is finally a version worth calling 1.0 🙂

Side Project – Egg Tracker

So here is whats happened with Egg Tracker: Google decided to suspend it from Google Play without any prior warning, claiming it violates their impersonation clause simply because the name contained “…for Pokemon GO”.

The appeal to get it reinstated has also been rejected.

Suspension is the worst action they can give an app (which I assumed would have been reserved for apps that actually DO try to impersonate others or steal their intellectual property, etc). It means a strike on the developer account as well as no option to rectify the issue. All stats, downloads, reviews, and so on lost.

Instead they suggest recreating all the store information and uploading a brand new application for review. With a new package name and a new application name.

This means existing users can no longer receive any updates to the old application. It also means existing users cannot migrate their database to the new version of the application, if one is created.

Anyone who wants an update for the 7km egg (with the ultra reward event giving regionals and tangela/porygon) can email egg@quicklearn.se and get the new APK to manually install it. If you (temporarily) enable “trust unknown sources” in the phone, it should be fine to install it directly from the email attachment.

Side Project – Egg Tracker

The application has been updated to handle the new 7km regional hatches (during the current reward event).

HOWEVER, Google has decided to reject the update due to “impersonation” in the application metadata. Most probably they are unhappy with the “… for Pokemon GO” part of the application name.

Their support has been contacted, but as for now the update can’t be published unless the app is renamed…