Egg Tracker v2

Information: the previous version of the application was suspended for containing “… for Pokemon GO”. To get updates to version 1, please email

Update: the new version of the application was suspended as well. To get updates to version 2, please email

Ever had the feeling some pokestops in Pokemon GO give you better eggs than others? Or that you are only getting orange eggs lately? Now you can keep track and find out!

Use Egg Tracker to register what kind of eggs you receive and where you got them, as well as what they hatched into. Egg Tracker provides you with numerous statistics to show you which stops gave you the most purple eggs, how many eggs you received of each type over time (last weeks/months/etc), and more.

Please note: the Pokemon (hatching) imagesĀ  are the great work of the people over at I have just added a bit of drop shadow to their Pokemon (to make them look a bit sticker-like).

This application is no longer on Google Play and future versions are not planned at this point. Possibly it will be released on a different app distribution platform in the future.